First steps for Site Managers: All you need to know for setting up your Community

Open Social • 5 April 2017

We tried to make Open Social as accessible and user friendly as possible. For that reason the settings and modules (Drupal extensions) are already set for you. There are some things that we could not do for you and which you, as the Site Manager, have to take care of.


First things first

There are some things that you can change within Open Social to give it you personal look and feel and customize the user experience.


Make Open Social your home

To make Open Social feel like your own community you can change the colours, logos, favicon and font of your platform. To do this go to /admin/appearance/settings/socialsaas


Even more individualisation is possible by changing the home page. You can change the Sphere image of the home page and the welcome text here /admin/structure/block/block-content

For more information and a detailed description on how to change the theme go to

Set up the details

To create the best experience within Open Social you should ensure some basic site settings are in place. You can set and change the site name and the email address from which automated emails will be sent, you can do that here.

You can also determine yourself how the emails sent to users will look like here. For instructions on how to change this go to

Last but not least: To show dates of events and content in the right format you are able to set timezone here.

For more information and a detailed description on how to change the basic site settings go to

Things that have to be finished

As mentioned before there are some things we started but that we will need your input for to be finished. There are two modules that need your attention: Social Login and Google analytics


Social Login

If you want people to be able to login via their social media accounts you have to set up a connection between the Social platform and your Open Social version. Follow the simple step by step description on

We offer social login for Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter.


Google analytics

To see what your users are doing you can connect Open Social to your Google analytics account. Go to /admin/config/system/google-analytics and fill in your Google Analytics ID number.


Almost there!

Before you go out and invite users there are some other things we would advise you to do:


Check Settings

There are some additional settings you can check or adjust. The following list contains all settings we did not discuss before. Those are not vital for the functioning of your Open Social community and have been preset by us. Still it is good to know where to find them and adjust them to your liking if necessary:


Make sure everything is ready


Double check if all settings are how you want them to be and if the site looks the way you imagined it. You can create some test users and have a browse around through the eyes of a hypothetical new user.


Also be sure to know how the platform works and set up a strategy on how to use functionalities. We have built Open Social to be flexible to keep you in control of how to structure your community. If you know your way around the platform  you can help your first users get started and solve issues when they arise.


Soft launch

Start with a soft launch. This means that you should not invite users to an empty platform. Invite a small group of selected users to pre-populate the platform to create content and groups and try out functionalities. This way you already have content and a veteran user base that can introduce and help activate new users.


If you want to learn more about how to manage your Community go to Community Management: Some Basic tips to get started


One last thing

If you do not want other Users to see these blogs or other content we created for you in advance you can delete or unpublish it. We would advise against this until after your soft launch has ended though. It has no impact on the functionality of the platform and it can help you to teach your soft launch users and CMs how the platform works. You could maybe even use this group as the future CM group.

If you followed the guide your community is now ready for deployment.  Good luck and be patient. Good communities need time and effort to be successful! You can reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook if you have any further questions!