Add a link to a menu

Add a link to a menu

  • A new link can be added to main menu and footer menu via site manager dashboard.
  • The new link can be used to link to any existing page on the platform. Just start typing the first letters of the page title you want to link, in the 'link' field. It will autocomplete all the existing pages in the site. 
  • The weight of the links decides the order of the link in a menu. The link with smaller weight will be shown higher (or more to the left) in a list. 
  • When the weight of the links is not shown, the links can be dragged and dropped to change its position. 
  • To add a link to a drop-down menu within a menu, select the corresponding dropdown in the parent link field.  For main navigation menu and footer menu, in order to enable the drop-down menu,  the parent menu must have ‘show as expanded’ option checked.

Dashboard link

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Menu dropdown enable