Open Social beta-10 is released

Open Social • 31 January 2017

New feature(s) in Beta 10


In Open Social Beta 10, the initial part of the like feature is  introduced. Making it possible for a users to ‘like’ an event, topic, post, comment or comment reply. For now liking is limited to the details page of the content (posts, topics, events). If you posted content and someone likes your content, you will receive a notification in your notification centre.


Check how it works:

Or watch the video:

Change Requests and bugfixes

  • [#2840943] - As a logged in user I want see which comments are new since the last time I viewed the node
    This feature (History module) is disabled by default.  When enabled, logged in users will see a ‘ new’ label on newly created comments and/or replies.

  • [#2844578] - Image crop doesn't work in some scenario's after update
    Imagecrop when editing content (events, topics, groups) was not working, this bug is fixed.
    Change the reference to the file imageWidgetCrop.min.js in socialbase_js_alter in socialbase.theme.

  • Improvements on the Tour module
    Tool tips will fade away once you start clicking on the page. When there is only one tour tip, the End Tour button and the progress (1/1) will not be shown. And some improvements made on the tour tips. (The tour module is not enabled by default)

  • [#2842626] - Improve behat test ‘ login with email’
    These improvements are made to make it more performant with wishes from the community. Since we want people to have the ability to actually change the explore menu, we should rather test for the existence of the users profile.

  • [#2844240] - Warning for SM roles: Couldn't find constant CSS_BRAND
    Library "brand" used by theme color configuration is defined twice in socialblue resolving in this warning.

  • [#2837776] - Sometimes an error occurs in the logs when download count is enabled
    We fixed it by doing some defensive programming.

  • [#2844611] - Modals don't work after update to beta 9
    Fixed the issue by adding the adding socialbase/modal library as extend of bootstrap/modal library in

  • [#2847087] - Fix update hook for custom roles
    Fixed update hook for setting permissions when there is a custom role added to the platform.