Open Social - Release candidate 1 is released

Open Social • 31 March 2017

Actions to take for your subtheme:
There is now documentation added to the styleguide for a 50/50 column layout and for the following atoms used in the theme (alert, button, list, badge, card and form controls) for more information please see #2864305: Document Atoms in style guide & option for 50/50 column layout.

  • Replace label components with updated badges
  • Rename alerts -> alert, badges -> badge if needed
  • Replace list-group with list component
  • Replace `.card__body` with `.card__block` for all blocks in your templates, for nodes/articles `.card__body` can remain.
  • `.card-nested-section` is renamed to `.card__nested-section`
  • Add sidebar_first and sidebar_second to your regions to be able to use it
  • In node full there are now 2 twig blocks
  • {% block metainfo %} replaces {% block nodefull_header %}
  • {% block metaengage %} can be used for the badges
  • See all atoms here ->
  • For 50/50 layout see ->

Making hint text in the post fields more clear and straight forward.
The placeholder for the post field on activity streams wasn’t really giving any context to the users on what it means to post. We changed the placeholder to give more context. F.e. Leave a message to [name of the user] for when you are posting on a users stream or Say something to the group on the group stream.

Rename 'see all' buttons in side blocks for topic, group and users.
Because all these buttons will lead users to an overview where all the topics, groups and users will be shown. It is more logical to name the buttons & the page “All topics” “All groups” and “All members” since that is what it shows it’s not only showing the newest of each type.


Change Requests and bugfixes