Open Social beta-9 is released

Open Social • 17 January 2017

Open Social has just been updated to version beta-9. 

New features in Beta 9


Logged in users are now able to mention others users, This functionality is implemented for:
Posts (In groups, on profiles or in the community)
Comments (on Topics, Events)

Check how it works:  
Or watch the video: 


Reply to a comment reply is made possible in beta-9. When a reply is made to a comment reply, the author of the comment reply is mentioned in the new reply. 

Onboarding tour

For users to get familiar with Open Social, different tour-like elements were added. When logging in for the first time the user will see a short introduction about the purpose and value of Open Social. Furthermore, when visiting certain important pages for the first time the user will see a short introductory text sometimes followed by a tooltip pointing out a specific functionality. This function can be enabled by developers. It will become a setting for SM in a future release. This feature is still in an early phase and needs more development. 

Improved theme architecture

To give themers more flexibility in the provided theme layer we decided to extract the Open Social style layer from the socialbase theme and set up a seperate subtheme socialblue for it. A big architectural change that needs your attention depending on your current situation:
You currently have socialbase enabled and set as default
An update hook will detect this and enable and set socialblue as new default theme. Your block layout configuration should not change because of this.

You currently have a custom subtheme based on socialbase
To not cause any regression you should install socialblue and base your custom subtheme on socialblue instead of socialbase. Make sure to clear the cache afterwards.

Theme customization & branding 

As a Site Manager you’re now able to customise the Open Social theme colours & font to your likings. By navigating to admin appearance and settings you will see the new Social Blue theme installed. When customising the settings of Social Blue you will see there are now options to customise the branding colours, font and the border radius so it matches the style of your brand. Just change the scheme to custom and make sure you select the colours you want or upload the font of your choice, after saving it should reflect it immediately. 

Check how it works: 


Change Requests and bugfixes

As AN I want to see login and signup links directly in the header. 

In the last version we have moved the sign up and login link into a dropdown, we have rolled back this implementation for usability reasons.

Hide non-functional items from CM and SM admin menu. 

Some changes are made to the links in the admin menu, if a CM or SM has no access to it, the menu links are not shown. A new module 'social_admin_menu' was created for this feature. This module is disabled by default.

Change the title of the reset password page into ‘set/create password’ in the sign up process. 

The title has been updated to Set/Create password. When the user creates a password after sign up they will now also be redirected to their profile page, this is part of the onboarding process to make users aware of the profile creation. If a user resets a password, they will be redirected to the homepage stream after setting their password.  

As a LU I want to see my email notifications in my Notification center. 

All the notifications send through E-mail are now also send through the Notification Centre in the platform. Users who are active at the time of the action that creates the notification will only receive a notification in the Notification Centre, so they don’t receive a duplicate E-mail.

Don't disclose the existence of registered email addresses on account creation. (2842068) 

When signing up with an e-mailaddress or username that already exists, a more general message shall be displayed in order not to disclose the existence of the usernames / e-mailaddresses.

Visibility setting problem when 'public' option is disabled by site manager. (2842079)

 When content was made public, and later on the public visibilty option is disabled by a SM: the content that was made public wll remain public, even if the author is editing the content. The following changes has been made:
1. a CM and SM can ALWAYS change visibility settings of content they can edit, regardless of the permissions that the author (LU) of the content has.
2. Whenever the author (LU) wants to edit his/her own content AND the visibility settings are set to public, the owner (LU) cannot change the visibility settings.

Book module 'table of content' - usability improvements (2842077) 

The table of content in the bookmodule works better on mobile and the readability is improved in general.

(event) Managers tab is also shown on other content types (2840421) 

Due to a bug in the last release, the event managers tab was shown on other content then events. This problem is fixed.


Module updates

Drupal Core

Drupal core has been updated to version 8.2.5. Checkout the drupal release page for more information about this update.


The token module has been updated to version rc1. Detailed information about the release can be found here .

Search API

The search api module has been updated to version beta4. Detailed information about the release can be found here