Open Social SaaS Release 1.12

Open Social • 28 November 2017

What has been improved in Version 1.12:

1. Profile privacy settings
Users can hide all or parts of their profile information from other logged-in users. Site managers can configure which part of each user’s profile information can be hidden. It should be noted that all information, including the hidden information, is always visible to site managers. 

This feature is useful when community members want to share information only with the community management, but not with other regular members. 

profile privacy

Profile privacy settings


2. Attachments in comments
Now users can add attachments, such as Word and PDF documents, to comments. This makes discussing and collaborating with each other much more convenient. Users can add multiple documents to each comment. 

comment attachment

Attachments in comments


3. Single Sign-on possibility (ADFS)
As of this version, it’s possible to let users log in through Single Sign-on by connecting it to ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services). Single Sign-on is a technology that allows users to log in with a single ID and password to gain access to connected systems. This feature allows users to easily come back to the community. 

To enable this function, please contact us via After this function is enabled,  site managers can configure the connection with an ADFS and allow users to log in through it. 

Enjoy Open Social!