SaaS Release 1.14 (incl. OS Core 1.9)

Open Social • 15 January 2018

There are four improvements in this release:

1 Landing pages
A landing page function has been added. Landing pages allows site managers to create visually attractive pages by simply choosing, ordering, and configuring premade sections. 
More information about using landing page function can be found here:

landing page

Landingpage functionality is sponsored by United Nations!

2 Public groups
Besides making a group ‘open’ or ‘closed’, users can now make a group public in order to promote it outside the community and attract new members. 
All the information in public groups can be seen by people who are not logged into the community. However they need to login in order to post or comment on content. 

public groups

Public Groups functionality is sponsored by Pachamama Alliance!

3 Content tagging
Users can tag content (topics, events, book pages, and basic pages) with sets of terms predefined by site managers. This feature makes it easier to organise content. Users can also click on the tags to see other similar content. 
Read about how site managers can configure the tags:

content tagging


4 Private messaging made easier
You can now send private messages to another user directly from a user overview or from a user’s profile.  This improvement makes sending private messages much easier. 

private message

Bug fixes

  • Translation bugs: the translation function has been improved by fixing several untranslatable strings. 
  • Comment upload settings: the bug that blocked the access to the comment upload settings from the dashboard is fixed. 

Enjoy Open Social!