SaaS Release 1.15 (incl. OS Core 1.11)

Open Social • 27 February 2018
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Welcome to our 1.15 release notes! Curious and want to learn more? Discover Open Social.

There are various new improvements and features in this release:

Multi-Language Feature

Open Social now supports multiple languages other than English. When multiple languages have been enabled, each user can choose their preferred interface language in their settings. This means the menu, interface texts (such as ‘write a comment’), and emails will be translated. At this moment, only Dutch and English are available, but we plan on expanding to more languages soon. 

Here’s what can be translated: Site managers can customize and translate the emails they send to their users (when users create new accounts or need a password reset, for example). 

On top of that, site managers can translate the menu links into other languages. 

And last, but not least, the stream and notifications that users receive in emails and the notification center will be available in their preferred language.

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Improved KPI Analytics

We’re always looking for ways to improve the lives of community managers. The engagement on content can now be viewed separately for events and topics. This allows you to analyze engagement in detail for different areas of your community. Also, you can see the number of enrollments in the events.

We also extended the time axis by one more month on all graphs to make sure you have enough data to determine the health of your community.

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Alternative Homepage 

We added a new (and optional) functionality that allows you to set a different homepage for logged in users and non-logged in users. In combination with the Landing Page feature, this gives you the freedom to share different information with both types of users. 

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Improved Landing Pages 

Site managers can now feature basic pages, book pages, and other landing pages on a landing page. Moreover, you can even choose to highlight members in the ‘featured’ section of a landing page.

We’ve also improved the visual layout of the landing pages in order to create a more visually-appealing page. Moreover, we created a new design for the ‘featured items’ on landing pages, including a new landing page icon for these ‘featured items’.

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Improved: Searching for Usernames

We have improved the ability to search for another user. When searching for another user’s name (e.g. “Robert”) in the ‘all search’ tab, the username is now more likely to appear compared to other content on the platform that also includes this name. 


Navigation Settings

It is now possible for site managers to customize the main (top-right) navigation bar, meaning they can select which icons to show or hide they want to show or hide there. For example, you can hide the Private Messages and My Groups icon. This is helpful when your community has too many menu items in the main menu. 

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Bug Fixes

  • Private message email notification settings: it is now possible to choose the frequency of email notifications for the new private messages you receive.
  • Email notification link to posts in a group: when you are a member of a group, and you receive a notification about a new post in this group, the word ‘post’ is now clickable. In some cases, the link to the post was not working, which has been corrected.
  • When using the @mention feature, the list of names is cut off: this happened on the bottom of the page when you mentioned someone in your comment. There was no scrolling mechanism which made it difficult to find the right person. Now, the list is completely visible on both the browser and mobile version.
  • Posts in a public group will always have public visibility: previously, when you created a post in a public group, the visibility of this post was not always set to ‘Public’.  There was a bug that caused the visibility to be set to “Community” instead. This has been fixed.
  • Commenting with an iPhone: when users used an iPhone to place a comment, the iPhone keyboard used to block the comment field. This has been fixed.
  • Navigation bar icons are all clickable: In certain versions of Internet Explorer, the navigation icons were not clickable. In other browsers, this issue did not occur. It has now been fixed.
  • Filters on search users: When searching for users, the filter options were not displayed anymore. This should be visible now on your site.
  • Disabled tagging feature: On sites where the tagging feature was disabled, the tag filter was still visible on the search pages. This has now been removed. In addition, you can now enable tagging per content type on the Social Tag Settings.


Enjoy Open Social! 

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