SaaS Release 1.15.1

Open Social • 15 March 2018

Welcome to our 1.15.1 release notes! Curious and want to learn more? Discover Open Social.

This release mainly consists of several important bug fixes

  • Landing Page Intro Text  The design of the Landing Page intro text was changed in the last release. We added a blue line and made the page a lot narrower. We decided to roll this back to how it was before because when there is a lot of text in the intro the page was way too small.
  • Landing Page block titles In some cases when a Site Manager sets the block titles in a landing page this resulted in an error message: “The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.”. This shouldn’t happen anymore now.
  • Profile pictures on a public group The profile pictures on a public group stream were not loaded correctly for not-logged in users. This issue is fixed now.


Enjoy Open Social!