New features! Open Social update 1.5

Jochem van Nieuwenhuijsen • 30 June 2017

Open Social site has been updated once again. In this message, we would like inform you the new features and improvements we have added to Open Social.

What has been improved in Version 1.5

Social sharing becomes possible

Now it is possible to share content such as events or topics that are visible to the public on social media. This makes it easier to attract attention to the community. 


Make profile images clickable

We made it possible to go to a user’s profile by clicking his/her profile image in activity stream, comments etc. This makes getting to know one another in the community much easier. 


See all search results in one tab

We made it possible to see all the relevant search results in one tab. This makes searching for a piece of content, a user or a group much easier.


Edit account renamed to settings

Based on the usability study results, the ‘edit account’ button is renamed into ‘settings’. It gives users a better idea what this button can be used for. 


Social login improvements

We improved the usability of the social login feature by removing unnecessary steps such as configuring password.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed the bug that comments go to the wrong post in activity stream. 
  • Email address has become a required field when site managers add a new user. This will ensure users can be notified by important community information via email. 
  • The comments number of a post is now consistent when seeing it in an activity stream and when seeing it in the post detail page. 
  • In posts, profile image is now better aligned with the comment field. 
  • And more....