Open Social SaaS Release 1.6

Open Social • 24 July 2017

What has been improved in Version 1.6:

Improved emails with the look and feel of the site

Now emails sent from your Open Social site will have the same look and feel as the site itself. This makes the emails more recognisable and engaging. 


Correct orientation of images uploaded via mobile 

Now all images uploaded via mobile has the right orientation based on how they are taken, so they look great in posts. 


Larger comment fields on mobile 

Comment fields on mobile are made bigger so it is easier to enter text. 


Cleaner interface for creating content in a group

We removed the group image and the ‘joined’ button when creating content in a group. This makes the interface much cleaner, so users can focus on the main task. 


Other improvements

  • Removing sign up and login links on anonymous home page won’t break the site anymore
  • Users are no longer notified when they reply to the post in which they are mentioned. This type of notification is redundant since the action is perform by the users themselves. 
  • The group link of activities in activity streams now links to the right group. 
  • Date picker of events are improved by allowing multiple types of date format, such as  2017-05-06 and 2017.05.06