Open Social SaaS Release 1.9

Open Social • 11 October 2017

What has been improved in Version 1.9

There are 4 major improvements in this release:

1. See what I follow

Now it is possible to see and manage all the content you follow very easily.  You can reach this function by clicking your profile image in the header menu, then click ‘Following’. Users will receive notifications when a comment is made to the content they follow. This way, users can easily manage from which content they want to receive notifications. 

see what I follow 1

see what I follow 2


2. New search interaction

The search button in the header menu is improved.  Now by clicking on the search button, instead of expanding itself in the header menu, the search field will be shown in full screen.  This new interaction allows users to focus better while searching. It also allows site managers to place more items in the header menu. 



3. Profile image in front of post fields

In the new update, user’s own profile image is shown in front of all the post fields. This makes it extra clear for users that he/she is the one posting message.  

Profile image in front of post box

4. Personalised stream on the home page

The activity stream on the home page after logging in has been made more personal.  The activities that happened in the open groups that I am not a member of are removed from this activity stream.  This way this activity stream will become more relevant and interesting to browse for each user. Users can still see all activities on the explore > community page. 

Personalised home page



Besides these improvements, we also worked on other bug-fixes to ensure Open Social works reliably, for example:

  • Editing posts is made possible on mobile now.
  • On the home page before logging in,  the cropping of the top image is improved. 
  • We corrected the style of several graphical elements such as post buttons and images in posts. 
  • The phone number and email address of a user is shown nicely on mobile now. 
  • Site managers now can edit every user’s profile information and create drop-down lists in the header menu (
  • The ‘All’ tab in the search results page shows the right results now. 
  • Emails sent from the site now show the site logo.

Enjoy Open Social!