Community Management Strategy

You are ready to set up your community with Open Social. The journey has just begun! Here’s where you can find guidance for making your community feel like home and tackle community management. 


  • Start By Setting Up Your Community
    This section will help you set up your Open Social community platform. It explains what you can and need to do to get your community to function. All these settings and functions can be found in the Site Manager Dashboard. Dive in!

  • Onboard Your Members
    Onboarding is the process of guiding new users through the steps of becoming successful users. It’s about making a great first impression that leaves your users satisfied and wanting more.
    Learn how to onboard your members effectively and make use of our onboarding templates. 

  • Defining a Community Strategy

  • Community Metrics

  • 10 Steps For Your First Year of Community Building
    This section guides you through your first year of community building. From detecting your influencers, creating a content calender, to increase engagement and more. It comes with a lot of hands-on tips!

  • Video tutorials
    Our first video's about community management, learn about: Pilot stage, Member Engagement, Numbers!

  • SEO Basics for your Online Community
    You are a community manager setting up (or have already set up) your community. Your community is getting some traffic and new members, but the numbers aren't reaching your community goals. Have you ever thought about optimizing your community for search engines?