Discussions and Moderators

This page explains how the Discussions feature work for regular users, site managers and content managers.

This feature is not part of the default Open Social product (basic/premium/distro), but can be ordered as an optional module for Enterprise customers.


Discussions and Moderators -
as any logged-in users.

The Discussion feature allows any logged-in user to create a timeboxed discussion. This means that the discussion occurs within a fixed time period. A discussion is comprised of moderators and a start and end date. A member can comment with an editor that allows them to style their comments. Discussions overview can be placed in- or outside a group, and an overview of all discussions can be placed as a link in the menu.  By default the overview can be found under the explore menu. 

a discussion
discussion details


discussion thread with moderators
discussion thread with moderators



Create a discussion 

A member can create a discussion by using the ‘+’ button in the header menu.


add discussion



Insert a a title, description, image, end and start date, and choose the visibility. 
The date is just to show the start and end date to other users, the author has to open and close the comments options manually.


Add moderators to the discussion

Add moderators to discussion, moderators have a label next to their name when they comment in the discussion, so other members know who the moderators are. Moderators do not have extra permissions.

add moderators


moderator label


Enable comments to start the discussion

Enable the comments options if members might start the discussion already, or open them up at a later stage:

open or close comments



Comment can be styled via an editor

The editor helps users to style / structure comments. It can be found in the bar above the text field. There you have a few options:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Add a link
  • Under Order list
  • Ordered list
editor for styling