Insights April - Connecting members

Evelien Schut • 10 April 2019

One of the first goals mentioned when talking about a community: a member should be able to connect with like-minded members.

In this article, we provide a few tips to help members connect!


  • Expertise and interests overviews.
    Set-up predefined interest and expertise lists, and encourage members to fill these in on their profile. Send personal messages, create an article to explain why, or post messages in the community stream.
    You can find users who did not set them, by downloading the user export.
    Now that you have these in place start creating overviews and links about expertise and interests. 

    Use for example:
    - Landing pages
    - Book pages
    - Menu items with dropdowns

    Add information about the expertise; why is the expertise interesting for the community, highlight a few users that link to this expertise, add links to groups where people are sharing knowledge, etc. 
    And don't forget: add an obvious link that leads them directly to the user search page with the expertise pre-selected! Your URL link will look something like this: 

    Landingpage example


  • Members in the Spotlight
    Another way of showing members' expertise to others is to create a recurring community item: members in the spotlight.
    Let members say something about their expertise, or set-up personalized interviews. Members can ask questions directly under the interview or approach them in private.
  • Offline Events
    Organizing events around expertise is also an effective way of connecting members. If you have the opportunity: offline events work even better!
  • Search for groupmanagers
    Lastly, you could approach members to see if they want to manage an expertise group. Help them by setting up the group, provide tips on how they can make sure the groups are active, etc.
    Let them post monthly summaries in the community to reach more members of similar expertise. Having these come from community members instead of the organization can lower the barrier to get in touch. (and it is an excellent way of activating your community more broadly!)

I hope this has stimulated your creativity! If you need help with setting up any of these tips, feel free to contact us :)