Configuring Colours (SM)

The colors of your platform can be configured to match your community style. 

Several colors of the platform can be configured:

  • Primary color. The color that is most widely used on the platform, such as the profile color background. 
  • Secondary color. The color that compliments the primary color, and is used for smaller components such as the status label. 
  • Accent color. The color used for promoted actions, such as ‘enroll’ for an event or ‘join’ a group. 
  • Link color. The color used for all links in the text fields. 
  • Menu color. The color used for header navigation menu and section navigation menu. 

Colour configuration explain


accent colour

link colour


Only site managers can configure the platform colors. The color configuration interface can be reached via the dashboard. 

Dashboard link


change colour 1

When configuring site colors, site managers can preview the configuration result instantly. 

colour preview


Site managers also can choose from a set of pre-defined color schemes to make color configuration easier. 

colour preset