Configure Domain Name (DNS configuration)

It's possible to change the domain name of your community with Open Social! If this is something you would like to implement, we will need some information from you. This information is rather technical, so if you have any issues collecting it then just let us know ( We can figure it out together.  

We'd like to know the answers to the following questions:

1. Who is your DNS provider? This is usually the company you registered your domain with.

2. Do you have the ability to change the DNS records? DNS records contain pieces of information that tell the internet where your domain is hosted. We will need to update some of these records.

When you send us this information (, we'll send you further information about how to set this up for your DNS provider.

Note: We use CNAME records to point the domain to our servers. Some DNS providers don't support pointing the so-called root or naked domain to a CNAME record. This means, in practice, that your website can only be visited by using, rather than For most of our customers, this is not a big problem since the solution mainly involves switching to a new DNS provider (or a workaround, which we don't recommend). We can explain this limitation further if it's necessary.