Connect Google

Open Social • 5 April 2017

1. Create an App


  1. Go to

  2. Click “Create project”

  3. Fill in all fields in the popup window

  4. Click “Create”

Google+ 1


2.0 Configure the App

1. Fill in the field “Product name shown to users” on the “OAuth consent screen” page and save the changes

Google+ 2


2.Click “Create credentials” and select “OAuth client ID”

Google+ 3


3. Fill in form and click create. 

Copy and paste from here to set the addresses: 

  • http://[domain]/user/login/google/callback
  • http://[domain]/user/register/google/callback
  • http://[domain]/user/social-api/link/google/callback

Google+ 4


3.0. Configure the module

1. Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret from the popup

Google+ 5


2. Go to the “/admin/config/social-api/social-auth/google” page

Dashboard link

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