User Profile Fields

Profile Fields.


Open Social comes with a set of profile fields:

  • firstname, lastname, nickname, profile image, profile banner, organization, function, adress, phonenumber, self introduction, interests and expertises.

They are all enabled by default, except for nickname. We want to highlight this field, because it can be very useful in case you want to anonymise the platform and/or or protect your users from the data the platform collects about them.
When enabling the nickname, the first and lastname can be disabled.

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Disable (or enable) the profile fields

Site managers can disable default user profile fields in order to collect as little user data as possible, or in case the default profile fields are not matching the need of the organisation.
After a field is disabled, users will no longer be able fill in this field and it will not be displayed on the profile page. 

profile fields configuration

If the field chosen to be diabled has been used before, site managers can erase all the previous data by using the 'flush data' button after disabling it.

Site managers can find this function on the site manager dashboard. 

profile fields configuration