Open Social SaaS Release 1.3

Open Social • 9 May 2017

In this new release we have performed several bugfixes and maintenance tasks in order to keep the platform stable and secure.

Most important bugfixes:

  • Users are now able to edit posts or comments on any mobile device.

  • When editing content that has a header image, the image crop section is now collapsed by default.

  • When the content visibility setting is enabled, it is not possible for normal users to publish public content. However, Site managers or Content Managers are able to make content of normal users public. We have implemented a fix that the normal user is still able to edit his content afterwards, while the content stays public.

  • On your account you had the possibility to hide your email address from other members. This setting could be overruled by a platform setting, but that's not made clear. We've changed this, so now it's clear that when you edit your account, you cannot change the privacy setting when it's controlled centrally. Also we've added some explanatory text so it's more clear to the members how this works.

  • And more..