Collaboration Feature

This page explains how the Collaboration feature works for regular users, content creators, and site managers.
Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social product. Enterprise customers can contact the Open Social team through their support portal to request this feature.

Easily work together on the same content 

This feature allows multiple users to edit the same piece of content. For example, this is useful for when users want to prepare an event or activity together and need to work on the same content. Below, we have highlighted important information for each type of user. 

Collaboration feature 

The Collaboration settings can be found in: 
Configuration  > Open Social settings > Collaboration settings
Site Managers
Site managers can choose to enable collaborative editing for certain content types (see screenshot below). It’s enabled by default for Events and Topics.

Collaboration feature

Content Creator
As a content creator, you can add single users and users of an entire group as co-editors. The content creator can select 'Group' or 'User' to add all users of a group or a single user using a dropdown menu. In the search box below the dropdown, you can start typing and search for a group or user.
The user that created the content has ownership and is the only one who can determine which users have access to the content.


Regular users


Regular Users
In order to avoid multiple users editing at the same time, a content locking mechanism has been implemented. If a user is already editing the same piece of content, a text box appears at the top of the editing page to tell the user that the content is already being edited. This ensures that the content will not be overridden. 
The user that owns the lock has the ability to unlock the content by canceling or saving their changes. Additionally, site managers have the possibility to break the lock on any content.