Open Social SaaS Release Notes version 1.2

Open Social • 26 April 2017

Dear Site Manager,

We’d like to inform you of an update we’ve performed on your Open Social Saas installation. Below is a list of things we’ve added and / or fixed.

If you have any question or want to reach out to us for any other reason, please contact us by sending an e-mail to:

Kind regards,

SaaS Support Open Social



We’ve removed some general permission that allowed a Site Manager to potentially break the site.

We also added multiple sections to the dashboard. In each of these sections there are a couple of options that enable a Site Manager to manage even more things.


Section: People

  • We’ve added an item where you can manage account settings. Here you can configure who can register on your platform. Also you can personalise the emails you sent to your users.

Section: Configuration

  • It’s now possible to manage Topic types, Event types, Profile tags, Expertise and Interests as part of the Taxonomy settings. Read more about manage taxonomy.

  • Another section has been added to change the Basic site settings. The site name and the default e-mail address can be changed here. Read more about basic settings.

  • In configuration section, you can also manage your social login settings. Here you can add the possibility for your users to login using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. Read more about how to connect social login.

  • You can make event type a required field for all events. Read more how to make event type a required field.

  • In event type settings, you can also choose whether event types are all shown or they are hidden in a dropdown menu when editing or creating events.

Section: Menu Management

  • In this section we’ve added the possibility to alter the main menu and the footer menu. You cannot remove menu items, but only create new ones, edit or hide existing ones. Read more about menu configuration.

Section: Appearance

  • We’ve added the possibility to customise parts of the anonymous homepage. Here you can customise the big hero image and change the text in the image, as well as the links we show there.

  • As part of Appearance settings we’ve added a possibility to manage custom fonts. You can use web-safe fonts, or upload your own. These fonts can then be used when changing the fonts of Open Social. Read more about configuring fonts