Introduction | LGOS Help Documentation

Evelien Schut Open Social • 16 November 2017

Welcome to Let's Get Open Social. 


This platform will be your guide to the Open Social community platform. 

To those that are new, Open Social is a unique open source, secure community software that builds online communities and intranets. 

LGOS will explain how to construct, set up, and run your community. You'll find answers, examples, and guidance - and if you can’t find what you need then you can reach out to our support team

The LGOS help documentation consists of a wide variety of in-depth articles covering topics such as setting up your own community look and feel, determining KPI’s and analytics, and engaging members, and more. It also has a ‘Quick Start Guide’ that you can use to quickly become familiar with our software. 


Here’s how it works! 

Head over to the ‘Explore Documentation’ tab to get an overview of all the information. Here are the categories you’ll find there:


  • Quick Start Guide. Get familiar with Open Social as quickly as possible and dive into our guide.
  • Set-Up. Set up your community platform according to your needs. Questions about styling or structure? Here’s the place to be!
  • Community Management. Managing a community means moderating discussions, adjusting content to member behavior, and everything inbetween. Here’s how to keep your community float, and help it grow! (coming soon)
  • Member Management. Your members are your life line. See how to increase engagement, monitor activity, and more.
  • Reporting/Analysis. How do you measure your community’s success? What statistics should you look at? The answers are here. (coming soon)
  • Open Social Updates. This is where you’ll find our releases, features, roadmap, and other software updates. Keep an eye on this one!


To learn more about communities, take a look at our blog. And if you’re looking for inspiration, then our showcases could be your next step. GlobalDevHub, for example, has already expanded to over 54.000 members and has hosted 3,000 comments. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook for any further questions!


We’re happy to welcome you here. Enjoy exploring! 

Curious about our software?  Try Open Social for free, and request a trial.