Configure colours (SM)

The colours of the platform can be configured based on the style of the community. 

There are several colours that can be configured:

  • Primary colour. The colour used most widely in the platform, such as buttons and profile colour background. 
  • Secondary colour. The colour provides a variation to the primary colour, such as the secondary menu and status label. 
  • Accent colour. The colour used for promoted action, such as ‘Enrol’ to an event, or ‘Join’ a group. 
  • Link colour. The colour used for all links. 


Primary & secondary colours

Accent colour

Link colour


Only site managers can configure the colours:

  • The colour configuration interface can be reached via the dashboard.
  • Changing the colour set to ‘custom’ will allow you to customise the colour. 
  • Remember to save the configuration after configuring colours. 



Dashboard link

change colour 1

change colour 2