New features! Open Social update 1.4

Evelien Schut • 20 June 2017

In the new update we have performed several bug fixes and maintenance tasks in order to keep the platform stable and secure.

New Functionality

Add an image to a post

Users can now add an image in their posts. This makes post messages to the community, a group or a user more exciting. 

Platform tips for registered users

Tips are now enabled by default for registered users. These tips give the users a tour of the platform and its possibilities. Users can at anytime choose to disable the tips. Also a SM can choose to globally disable these tooltips.

Closed groups

With this new feature all logged in users are now able to create a closed group. A closed group makes it possible to create a group where members can only join by invitation from one of the group managers. The stream, events and topics created in the closed group are not visible to people that are not member of the group. A user that is not a member of the group can only see who are the group members and the group information page. Deleting a closed group will also delete all of the content within the group.

Set event end date more easily

The date and time widget we use to fill out the dates and times when creating an event have undergone a makeover. The widgets are now easier to use. For instance the end date will automatically change when you change the value of start date to a date after the end date. Also when changing the end date to a date before the start date, the start date will automatically change to that same date.

Smaller changes and bug fixes:

  • User export now have an extra field: “Last access” This field is additional to the last login date. When users login but stay logged in for a while, you can see this via the last access date. It will show you the latest date/time the user was browsing in the site.
  • Fixed an issue where the big image at the top of a page looked weird when inserting a very long title in topics or events.
  • Group Organisers en Event managers are displayed more prominently on the group and event itself. Besides their name and photo, their function and organisation is now shown. This way other users will have a better understanding of the person, without having to go to their profile.
  • We have added a setting that, if you enable it, will make sure that the person who creates an event, will automatically also be the event organiser. The Site Manager has the permission to enable or disable this settings via the dashboard.
  • And more..